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Carson Wilcox

If issues are not addressed by the following individuals below, please contact the President.

Ops VP

Tamie Lebar

Contact for general operations, e.g. opening day, team equipment, player and coach uniforms.


Nate Royalty

Contact if interested in getting a public topic addressed, or proposal reviewed, at a DYSA Board meeting.


Primary contact for 6U Coaches, Team Parents and Dugout Moms.


Ben Bourne

Manages the DYSA annual budget, expenses, taxes and donations.

Fundraising & Sponsors

Stacy Adams

Contact for fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

Registrar & Web Master

Aaron Chin

Contact for registration, background checks, or website issues.

Field Equipment/Maintenance

Jim Hickerson

Contact to report missing or broken field equipment, shed problems or field condition issues.

Umpire in Chief

Ryan Sharp

Contact to report issues with umpires.

Player & Coach Development

Eric Roe

Contact for coach or player development requests or inquiries.

Player Agent

Ryan Sharp

Contact to report issues affecting a player or players.

NorCal Representative

Nate Royalty

Contact for inquiries relating to NorCal rules and DYSA adoption.

Lady Demons/UCD/City Liaison

Steve Boschken

Contact for inquiries relating to engagement with the City, UC Davis or the Lady Demons.


Jennifer Harrison

Contact for league marketing opportunities, and game recaps and photos to The Davis Enterprise.




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