DYSA is operated entirely by volunteers.  We are always looking for interested and energetic volunteers that will promote and model DYSA values and help keep DYSA running smoothly, and enable players and teams to focus on having fun!


Volunteer Requirements

1. Register on-line as a ‘Volunteer’ through TeamSideline by the Program deadlines for Spring, All-Stars and Fall 

2. Background Checks are required ONLY for Coaches/Managers, Assistant Coaches, 8U Umpires and Dugout Moms.

  • After coaches, umpires and dugouts moms register as a Volunteer, then they will receive an email from ASA to complete a separate on-line form to give permission for a background check.

3. Training is required for all Coaches/Managers, Assistant Coaches, 8U Umpires, Dugout Moms, Team Parents, Field Prep Coordinator/Crew, and Score keepers.

  • Training is required for all volunteer positions before volunteers can fulfill their duties. 
  • All other Volunteer positions (such as Snack coordinator, Banner coordinator, Rotary/Fundraiser coordinator, etc) will receive specific guidance from their Head Coach/Manager or Team Parent.  


Volunteer Positions & Descriptions 

Please read the rules, policies and descriptions carefully before signing up for a volunteer position.  Some positions cannot be combined (e.g. Dugout Mom and Score Keeper), while other positions can be combined (e.g. a female Coach and the Adult Female required at practices).

Head coaches are ultimately responsible for execution of all volunteer actions and deliverables on the team, so coaches really count on and appreciate reliable team parent volunteers for assistance. 


League legalese and policies:

  • An adult female must be in the dugout on game days; requires background check.
  • An adult female must be at practices (can also be the female coach or asst coach).
  • Coaches or assistant coaches cannot also be a dugout mom, score keeper or umpire.
  • Dugout moms cannot also be a coach or assistant coach, score keeper or umpire.
  • Umpires cannot also be a coach or assistant coach, score keeper or dugout mom.
  • Score keepers cannot also be a coach or assistant coach, umpire or dugout mom.


Volunteer Position

Time Commitment

Background Check Required


Training docs

Coach / Manager

Every game and practice


Primary focus is to prepare for, and facilitate, meaningful practices and games. Line-up and rotation plans on game days are essential to smooth running games.

Coaches are also the focal point for the league to disseminate information, and cascade messages to Team Parents and other volunteers.

While coaches are expected to focus on games and practices, they are ultimately accountable for the deliverables of all team volunteer positions outlined below.

6U Coach training

See coaches page for more info, helpful tips, practice drills

Assistant Coach

Every game


Primary focus is to support the head coach as needed at practices and games. In the event the head coach is absent at practices or games, the assistant coach needs to fulfill the coach duties.

8U Umpires

Every game


Only the 8U division requires volunteer umpires to officiate games. Every team is required to have two (2) umpires.

Umpire training

Score Keeper

Every game


8U-16U divisions require a score keeper for each team. Score keepers will also be responsible for submitting game recaps after games to The Davis Enterprise.

Score keeper training

Game Recaps

Every game


All divisions are encouraged to submit game recaps after all games to The Davis Enterprise.

8U-16U score keepers will manage game recaps

6U needs to identify a Game Recap volunteer.

Game recap instructions & submission is all on-line

Field Prep Coordinator / Crew

Every ‘home’ game only


All 6U-16U divisions require field preparation or games cannot be held.

It is also essential that games begin on time in order to maximize innings and playing time for players.

Field prep guide doc

6U field diagram

8U field diagram

10U field diagram

12U field diagram

14/16U field diagram

Davis Softball Fields

Adult female presence at practices

Every practice


An adult female (18 yrs or older) must be at all team practices, or practices cannot be held.

If the coach or assistant coach is female, then adult female presence is legally covered.


Dugout Mom

Every game


Dugout moms are required to be an adult female, 18 years or older, in the dugout on game days.

Dugout moms are essential for managing the players in the dugout, keeping the dugout organized, and fostering fun and positive chanting/cheering in the dugout. Dugout moms are crucial to helping the players transition from offense to defense quickly.

Dugout moms are also the ‘de facto’ player agent for the team. If there are any issues with coaches, parents or players, the Dugout mom has an obligation to report it to a Board member.

Dugout Mom game day guide

Dugout Mom cheers

Team Parent

Duration of the season


A team parent enables coaches to focus on preparing and facilitating fun practices and games. While coaches are expected to focus on games and practices, Team Parents are accountable for the deliverables outside of games and practices.

Team parent will manage or identify other parent volunteer coordinators for these other short-term volunteer jobs –

  • Banner creation – must have by Opening Day!
  • Pick up and distribute team uniforms
  • Snack coordinator sign-up (add to Shutterfly site)
  • Fundraising events coordinator, e.g. Rotary, pizza night
  • Picture Day coordinator
  • End of season party & awards coordinator

TIP: Two (2) team parents are “nice to have” for each team, with at least one (1) team parent being female in order to backup the Dugout Mom in case of unplanned absences.

The team parents can determine if one will take the primary lead, or decide to split all the duties 50/50.

Team Parent

Short-term volunteer jobs

Banner coordinator



The team banner is very important to the team; it identifies the team; and the girls feel proud and supported.

Banners are made one time and used throughout the season. On Opening Day, teams will arrive dressed in their uniforms and they will carry their team banner onto the field. At all games days, teams like to hang their banners behind the batter box cage or alongside their dugout.

Banners can be hand-made at a very low cost, or ordered through League Prints for $39. League Prints is a local company that will donate $5 back to DYSA for each order:

League Prints



League Prints flyer

Snack coordinator



Snacks after the game are a great way for players to wind down, and for coaches and parents to provide positive feedback.

Prior to the first game, the snack coordinator will solicit for any known allergies, obtain ‘Snack Parents’ for each game day, and ensure reminders go out before each game day. (Tip: Shutterfly is useful for snack coordination.)

Snack sign-up sheet example

Fundraising events coordinator, e.g. Rotary, Local Eateries




Every year DYSA participates in the selling of rotary tickets. This is the biggest fundraiser for our organization. Tickets are $10, and each comes with a coupon toward a local Davis business. 100% of the sales go back to DYSA! This fundraiser allows for new equipment purchases for all the teams.

Tickets are distributed mid-season and are due back a couple weeks later. The rotary coordinator will pick up the tickets and pass them out to the parents of players (at the next practice or game). The coordinator needs to keep track of how many are sold and collect the money, as well as collect all non-sold tickets.

Local Eateries –

The DYSA Fundraising Chair coordinates events throughout the season, whereby DYSA receives a % of profits made during the event timeframe.

The Chair will communicate to coaches, and will look to the Team Parent (or other team designate) to communicate and coordinate the team’s participation.

Picture Day coordinator



Pictures are important to our girls, especially the team picture.

On picture day, the Picture Day coordinator will obtain information from the photographer to distribute ordering information to parents. After pictures are ready, the coordinator will pick up their team picture packets and distribute.

Team Photographer

Every game



Players and parents love their games captured, and all the action photos and fun archived on their Team website (Shutterfly). A designated team photographer can load photos after games to the team website. And all parents should be encouraged and reminded to continue loading any photos.

Designating a team photographer also helps the Score Keeper/Game Recap coordinator so that the Game Recap volunteer can pick up great action shots to submit to The Davis Enterprise.

PLEASE NOTE: Only photos taken with a professional camera (not cell phones) are accepted by The Davis Enterprise for game recaps.

End of Season Party & Awards coordinator



The end of the season party is for the team. The players are applauded for all of their individual hard work and growth, teamwork and sportsmanship, and receive team awards accordingly. DYSA will provide medals only for 1st and 2nd place at end of the season tourney in each division.

The coordinator organizes the end of the season party, including communication to all parents – establish the date, time, location; manage procurement of team awards and thank you gifts (usually to the volunteers that had long-term commitments to the team, e.g. Head coach, Asst coach, Team/Dugout mom); assess funds required to cover the party food, beverages, awards and gifts; and secure funds from parents to cover costs.

DYSA Board of Directors

12-month term; begins October thru November


In addition to team-specific volunteering, there are many opportunities to help the broader Davis Youth Softball Association (DYSA).

The DYSA Board is always looking for enthusiastic parents to get involved with general operations, opening day activities, fundraising, publicity, volunteer training, player and coach development… and much more.

If you would like to make a difference beyond that of a single team, please contact the Board President, Vice President or Secretary for more information.

Board elections are in the Fall if you are interested in becoming a Board member. Public notice will be communicated prior to elections.