Players are required to supply the following:

  • Mitts (or gloves).  Choice of mitt and glove styles are personal preferences.  Players may choose specialized gloves as they mature in catcher and first base positions.
  • Proper shoes for their division.
  • Appropriate attire for practices.
  • Water bottle.  For player safety, please makes sure that players have water at all practices and games.

 League supplies the following at practices and games:

    • Uniforms for games.
    • Helmets.
    • Bats.
    • Balls.
    • Catchers gear. ​

    Optional equipment and accessories:

    • While helmets, bats and balls are supplied by the league, players may also use their own equipment so long as they satisfy league requirements specified by division below. 
    • Batting gloves, equipment bags, slider shorts, undershirts, headbands, etc are all personal preferences. 
    • Jewelry is never permitted.  For player safety, players will not be allowed to play until jewelry is removed.  

    Division-specific equipment information: 

    Age Division






    10” soft blue dot

    Tennis shoes, soccer or softball cleats (NO metal)

    Helmets are required for all age divisions.

    All helmets require a face mask attached to the helmet.

    8U and above require chin straps.

    Only ASA (American Softball Association) stamped softball bats are allowed at games. Little League bats are NOT allowed at games.

    Determining size/weight depends on you child’s height and strength.

    Good rule of thumb: Child should be able to stand with bat held straight out at her side without any strain or leaning to hold it up.


    10” soft blue dot

    Softball cleats (NO metal)





    Softball cleats (metal cleats may now be worn)






    Division Rules

    Age requirement: Determination of the proper division for a player is based on the player’s age on December 31st of the previous calendar year.  

    Example: If your child is 6 years old on Dec 31, 2014, then she should play in 6U-teeball. If your child is 7 years old on Dec 31, 2014, then she should play in 8U.

    Special consideration to play up or down into another division may be granted on an individual basis.  If you would like to have your child considered for an age-group variance, please contact the DYSA President.  


    Basic progression between the divisions & NorCall/DYSA combined rules:

    Age Division

    Basic progression from 6U to 16U are highlighted below.

    DYSA & NorCal Rules (combined)

    DYSA Tourney Rules


    • Players must be 4 1/2 to 6 years old on Dec 31 of the previous year.
    • No score keeping; all players hit every inning and make it home.
    • Players are coach-pitched only, and will use the tee if they do not get a hit off the coach.

    6U DYSA rules



    • Players must be between 7 - 8 years old on Dec 31 of the previous year.
    • Score keeping. No stealing. No walks.
    • Batters are pitched by the defensive team’s pitcher. Offensive team coach pitches to batter after 4 balls from defensive pitcher; offensive coach pitches remaining number of strikes in the count to batter. All coach pitches are strikes.

    8U DYSA rules

    8U Tourney rules


    • Players must be between 9 - 10 years old on Dec 31 of the previous year.
    • Stealing allowed. Leadoff allowed only after pitch leaves pitchers hand.
    • Batters are pitched by the other team’s player for the entire game.

    10U DYSA rules

    10U Tourney rules


    • Players must be between 11 - 12 years old on Dec 31 of the previous year.
    • Leadoffs and stealing (including home) are allowed.

    12U DYSA rules

    12U Tourney rules


    • Players must be between 13 - 14 years old on Dec 31 of the previous year.

    14Y DYSA rules

    No additional rules


    • Players must be between 15 - 16 years old on Dec 31 of the previous year.

    16U DYSA rules (same as 14U)

    No additional rules