Hello Scorekeepers!

Below you will find some resources to help you learn, and perfect the art of scorekeeping!

 Paper Scorekeeping

Remember... You are a resource for your coaching staff... Keep your priorities straight,  (RUNS, OUTS, K's, and WALKS) and do more as you learn...!


First, we have our scorekeeping 101 PDF.  In this document, you will find some basic info, all the abbreviations, and tips on how to score.


Here are some youtube videos that discuss various topics to help you flesh out your understanding of the process!


 Keeping a baseball scorebook Pt 1  This video gives you a very good reference on what all the info looks like, and how to cleanly record progress in a game.  It really shows you the step by step of how to score and how to get everything in, so you can decode it later.  Notice especially how he tracks HOW the people moved from base to base... whether it was advanced by steal, by the batter etc...


Keeping a Scorebook Pt 2

This second video continues with more examples of situational scorekeeping.  Wild pitches, errors, sacrifice bunts, hit batter, and the scoring that ensues are all covered.  Notice how he transitions from the bottom of the lineup back to the top...  Notice how each subsequent batters movements are all tied, as in Pt 1... to the action that the following batters caused.


There are LOTS of Resources out there on the web.  I feel these two will get you started... Any question you have, just google it!



The Iscore app is available here:



The Iscore app is very easy to use, and can handle anything you throw at it.  The process is really simple...

 Advantages to iscore:

  1. No repetition.  Once you enter a team once... they are saved..  You simply schedule a game with that team, their roster will pop up, and you simply reorder them based on batting lineup.
  2. A PERFECT scoresheet will be available for you to email, as a pdf to your coach.
  3. Stats.  Stats are automatic.  How many RBI's did your precious daughter have?   No math, no excel,no mistakes.
  4. data sharing.  You can share and sync data with any other iscore user, your coach maybe?  Very easily!
  5. Scorecast:  Do you have data on your device?  Well you can boradcast the score with a simple link, to any other iscore user!



They have several long videos, as well as some shorter ones on the right.

 On that site, you will find a ton of videos, tips, and info.  There is also a large written manual 



Here on a google doc

 The Iscore getting started video is a great start


I also made several videos last year when we rolled out more iscore support.

Team Creation


Game Creation

Game navigation and restarting if your app crashes