The Mark Breckner Coach of the Year Award



As many of you know, we lost a very large member of the Davis Sporting Community last year with the passing of DYSA coach and board member Mark Breckner.

The DYSA board and community spent a lot of time debating how we would remember and honor our dear friend.

Mark was a character on and off the field, but when it came to coaching and the proper treatment and development of our young ladies at DYSA he was deadly serious and uncompromising.

He had one question when an issue came up at the board. "Does your suggestion or solution add or subtract from the experience for our players?"  No baloney, no politicking, no BS.

With that in mind, we are creating the "DYSA Mark Breckner Award" to recognize our most dedicated, positive, and awesome coach for Spring Season. 

The award will be open for nominations from all of our community and the board will pick a winner, announcing the winner at our end of season Coach Mixer, May 21st.

Is your daughter's coach endlessly positive?  Does She or He find joy in working with our young ladies?  Reveling in their successes and guiding them through their growth and failures?

If so....Please click below and fill out the form to Nominate your coach!!


Mark Breckner Award